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The Law Firm of Antonia Okonkwo

The Law Firm of Antonia Okonkwo

Greetings. The Law Firm of Antonia Okonkwo specializes in Immigration and Naturalization law, including Adoptions, Abused spouse petitions, Adjustment of status, Special immigrant petitions, and Work visas. The firm also offers representation in Federal courts and the State of Tennessee. Thanks.


The Law Firm of Antonia Okonkwo is ready to help individuals and businesses with the following issues: 

  • Immigration and Naturalization matters.
  • Legal representation in Federal courts.
  • Legal representation in the State of Tennessee.

The firm represents a myriad of clients from all over the world. We represent diverse corporate clients and individuals in a wide array of matters ranging from commercial litigation and contractual matters to facilitating the most appropriate legal strategies to best accomplish the specific goals of our clients based on their individual situations. 

Contact Us:

Antonia Ngozika Okonkwo, Esq.

Member, Tennessee Bar Association

Member, American Bar Association

Member, Nigerian Bar Association

The Law Firm of Antonia Okonkwo
10945 State Bridge Road, Suite 401-115
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022-5676 

Phone: 404-917-9163